Frequently asked questions when buying a Static Holiday Home



1/ When are the holiday home allowed to be occupied?
The static holiday home licence allows you to use your unit from 15th March through to the 15th January.

2/ Can I live in my static holiday home?
Our static holiday homes are for holiday use only, they are not residential. You must be registered, at a permanent address either in the UK or abroad.

3/ Can I sub-let my static holiday home?
Sub-letting is not allowed under the terms of the licence agreement.

4/ What is the life span of my static holiday home?
This will depend on external conditions, such as wear and tear.  Some of the static holiday homes on our park still look as new some are over 15 years old.  New static holiday homes can be double-glazed and centrally heated as well as being fully furnished.  As with any home they will need maintenance, i.e. cleaning etc. and balcony maintenance.  

5/ Who is responsible for the maintenence of my static holiday home?
As with any home, it will need maintaining and kept in good repair. This will be the owner's responsibility, whether done by you or by employing someone to carry out the work necessary.  

6/ Are they leasehold?

7/ What are the yearly costs?
Static holiday home ground rent for 2019 is £3520.00 including VAT, non domestic holiday home rates are £330.00, electricity is resold at the same rate as we pay and is invoiced along with your ground rent in December of each year. Gas is bottled and paid for as and when needed. An annual gas safety check will be needed costing £77.

8/ Do I have to have insurance?
It is your responsibility to fully insure your static holiday home as part of your licence agreement.

9/ Is there parking near to my static holiday home?
Each static holiday home will be alloted with its own car space.

10/ Are dogs allowed at Kennford International Holiday Park?
Pets are always welcome.